martedì 16 marzo 2010

Good morning everybody.
This Blog is dedicated to everyone who loves Fashion and Design.
For everyone -like me- who has a real and deep passion for this world.
My aim is to propose the new trends from my own City, Milan.
The city where one of the most important Fashion Weeks in the world takes place.
The City that hosts the most important design week in the world.
I hope you to enjoy my blog and to find it useful.
Please contact me for anything you want to share.

Bye LB

3 commenti:

  1. Bravissimo!e mi raccomando tienilo aggiornato!
    io ti mando i link dei designer che mi passano tra le mani cosí li usi anche per il tuo blog!

  2. Love your blog! Seriously! I'll be back for more!