giovedì 29 aprile 2010

13,798 grams of design

"13,798 grams of design" was the exhibition exposed at LAP Lambretto Art Project, based in Via Cletto Arrighi in Lambrate district. The place is the old Lambretta factory, recently reinveted as art gallery. Lambretta was the famous italian motorbike used by british moods during the 60's.
The exhibition involves 45 internationally renowned and emerging designers in an investigation of their work and the importance of creativity, in an attempt to discover the factors behind the success of a product.
From raw cement to ultralight plastics, compact forms to unpredictable balances of solids and voids, miniature to giant scale, the projects in the exhibition stimulate a series of reflections on the key role of contemporary design in forecasting urgent needs and increasingly complex desires. The designers focus in these works is on the value – if such a value exists – of creativity applied to a product. In a feather-weight exhibit, the design is exposed to the blunt judgment of an ideal international office of weights and measures, in a continuous flow of images that reveal the true value, per gram, of a design object.
Catalogued based on their weight, the projects selected for 13,798 grams of design transform the space of the Lambretto Art Project into a sort of weigh station of creativity, where research on innovative materials, with a focus on aesthetic results and advanced ideas, are the criteria of a survey that presents projects by the most significant voices on the international design scene, including many works never previously shown in Italy.
Unfotunately there was'nt an info note ( about designer, year of production, name of the object, materials...) near products, cause, as you've read before, products was catalogued only about their weights and measures.

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venerdì 23 aprile 2010


Have a look to these pictures I took in VenturaLambrate district during Milan Design Week, just outside Massimo de Carlo gallery, in Via Ventura 5.
Love the ear rings of the first girl (do you think they're too much? she bought them in London, not in Italy of course...) mixed with street+sport style...and love the "easy radical" style of the second one.
Let me know what you think about.

Bye LB

giovedì 22 aprile 2010


During my last day of Milan Design Week I went to the VenturaLambrate distric.
Lambrate is a district of Milan that I love so much. There's a lot of important ( but not so famous ) contemporary art galleries, based between Via Ventura and Via Massimiano.
During the design week these galleries and also the Scuola Politecnica di Design opened their doors for presenting design pieces, in particular pieces of dutch design, in big and incredible spaces and stands. Some people I met says that only in VenturaLambrate they found pure and real creativity design pieces, that they haaven't found in ZonaTortona.
I knew the existance of this important art district an year ago. I hope that with this design week opportunity, the area can promote his image, even if I'm scaring of a probably extreme commercial development of the district. I hope this area could keep his surreal+industrial mood and his radical chic image.
Next days I'll post some design stands from this district about Milan Design Week.

Bye LB

Friends and Fun

Have a look to the smiling faces of the S F I G A trio from NABA fashion school (Milan).
Not so creative styling, but definitly funny.

Bye LB


I love her masculine pants with the long pull and her naturality.
I appreciate her incredible restyling of of the last months.
Go again Betti!

Bye LB

martedì 20 aprile 2010


I really love the style of this guy..I love coat and pants..I konw that colors are not so usual for a spring sunny day...but don't think about my're very cool guy!

Bye LB

During my researching in Milan, I saw a big returning of these sunglasses with a very 90's style. I remember icons like Kurt Cobain, Ozzy Osbourne, that always wore it.
Maybe it's a return in fashion for this circular glasses, but I've friends that use it since they were born.

Bye Lb

Cool Duo

Have a look to this incredible couple of friends that I met outside Vivienne Westwood boutique in Corso Venezia (Milan), during a special opening for the Milan Design Week.
They're so D&G, don't you think?

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I took these pictures outside Borsalino boutique in Corso Venezia (Milan), during the special opening for the Milan Design Week.
I know that they aren't so creative, but if we think that we were to Borsalino, maybe they are too much creative.
Only about one thing I'm absolut sure, there was alot of beautiful girls.

Bye LB

sabato 17 aprile 2010

Ok...but only with my friend!

I took this picture in Corso Venezia, near Vivienne Westwood boutique, during the Milan Design Week.
I have the permission to publish this picture because I promise to the guy to post also the picture of him a his fashionable friend.
Ok dear, as you want!
However, I like his use of pink and violet, in a town where we only have black clothes, blue cars and grey phones; and, of course, for his ACQUA DI PARMA's pack (great decision).

Bye LB

venerdì 16 aprile 2010


F&F means freak and friend.
In Italy, when people look at guys like them, always think they're freak or crazy or without nothing to do. But you don't know how I'm happy when I meet people like them in street, particularly in a centered place like San Babila, because they are the real heart of Milan, and only with them we can be really international.
I really appreciate the "mood" of this three friends that I met in Piazza San Babila, Milan.
Thanks guys, you're great!

Bye LB

giovedì 15 aprile 2010

Zona Tortona#2

Zona Tortona

Zona Tortona represents the most important district of Milan Design Week "Fuorisalone", with Via Tortona, Via Forcella, Via Savona and Via Bergognone.

In this district, brands can expose their products in exclusive underground spaces, like old laboratories, old garage, old industries, private gardens and lofts. I said "exclusive spaces" because you know that "street styl"e spaces are most attractive and fascinating for a real designer than a "luxury" stand in the official fair place, so, also in this "street" area, prices for places are rise up incredibly, and it's difficult for a young designers find out money to rent a space to present is own collection.
However, have a look of some people that I meet in Zona Tortona during the second day of Milan Design Week.

Bye LB

mercoledì 14 aprile 2010

Young Creative Poland

composable flat bag

Have a look to the "Young Creative Poland" stand, placed in Triennale Museum, Viale alemagna 6.

Today Poland is one of the most energical design scene of Europe, that's a natural consecuence of national design movement born in 30's and 60's.

For years, foreign brands (also italian) placed in Poland their furniture production industries, so nowadays, with this long experience in production, Poland industries are proposing their own brands, with a personal vision and philosophy.

Curator e exhibition design: Miska Miller-Lovegrove 
Co-curator e producer: Anna Pietrzyk-Simone e Monika Unger 
Graphic design: Studio Fernando Gutierrez 

Bye LB

First Day of Milan Design Week 2010

Via Tortona
Public design Festival, Porta Genova
Via dei Mercanti
Piazza Cordusio

Rio + Design 2010

Shakti lamp by Fernanda Funes
Celso Santos and Levi Domingos luminary

Natural Midia_Tatil

The best of the design of the State of Rio de Janeiro just arrived at Milan for the second year consecutive, and is presenting to the world a selection of works, objects and design projects of some of the big names of brazil.
The goal of the "Rio + Design 2010" is to promote the work of the designers of Rio for industry and gather in only one space, reowned profesionals of Rio, represented by their products that combine technology and creativity.
In total, "Rio + Design 2010" gathers 30 expositors and more than 150 pieces, some of the internationally awarded.
I reccomend to you a visit to this exposition, based in the central Via dei Mercanti, near Duomo, to taste the energy of this nation, where, as you know, there are also two of the most important and very interesting south american fashion weeks. The Rio Fashion Week and the Sao Paulo Fashion Week, where you can find a perfect mix between creativity, extravagance and brazilian style.

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lunedì 12 aprile 2010

IED fashion school Milan

IED (European Institute of Design) is one of the most important fashion design school of Milan and It's based in Pompeo Leoni street at number 3.
The institute has an intenational networking with centres in Rome, Turin, Venice, Florence, Cagliari, Barcelona, Madrid and Sao Paulo do Brazil.
In the campus, students are kind and helpful for each information you want to know.
I visit the campus one day before the starting of Milan Design Week and the mood was very exciting.
I reccomend you a visit in the campus during the lunch break, to taste on of the most creative energy of Milan.

Bye LB


Kostas Murkudis is one of the most important german brand.
Kostas presents his collection at the Berlin Fashion Week.
The brand is not so famous in Italy, but I hope you can appreciate it.
I like this new collection for his constructed forms and cuts, and also for his colors.
I like his use of brown, sand and black, with stripes of acid yellow and green.

For more information:

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