giovedì 29 aprile 2010

13,798 grams of design

"13,798 grams of design" was the exhibition exposed at LAP Lambretto Art Project, based in Via Cletto Arrighi in Lambrate district. The place is the old Lambretta factory, recently reinveted as art gallery. Lambretta was the famous italian motorbike used by british moods during the 60's.
The exhibition involves 45 internationally renowned and emerging designers in an investigation of their work and the importance of creativity, in an attempt to discover the factors behind the success of a product.
From raw cement to ultralight plastics, compact forms to unpredictable balances of solids and voids, miniature to giant scale, the projects in the exhibition stimulate a series of reflections on the key role of contemporary design in forecasting urgent needs and increasingly complex desires. The designers focus in these works is on the value – if such a value exists – of creativity applied to a product. In a feather-weight exhibit, the design is exposed to the blunt judgment of an ideal international office of weights and measures, in a continuous flow of images that reveal the true value, per gram, of a design object.
Catalogued based on their weight, the projects selected for 13,798 grams of design transform the space of the Lambretto Art Project into a sort of weigh station of creativity, where research on innovative materials, with a focus on aesthetic results and advanced ideas, are the criteria of a survey that presents projects by the most significant voices on the international design scene, including many works never previously shown in Italy.
Unfotunately there was'nt an info note ( about designer, year of production, name of the object, materials...) near products, cause, as you've read before, products was catalogued only about their weights and measures.

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