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f/w 2010/11

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Today I'm going to present you this new danish brand that I found out during my researches and and immedialtey captured my attention.

Behind this danish brand you cand find the young designer, Sarah Elbo. She describes herself as a child in a woman body. She created a fairy world based on his imaginary friend “ Bo ” and each season Sarah presents us a new story about this character, Bo Van Melskens.

For several years, brand name was simply “Sarah Elbo”. In febraury 2008, during the Copenhagen Fashion Week, Sarah presented her brand as Bo Van Melskens.

Her style is feminine, glamour and sensual. She uses a lot of many different colors and materials, to achieve a modern and dynamic effect. Little dresses and jerseys are hers “must have” pieces in each collection.

She's considered as one of the most important north european young brands to follow.

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