mercoledì 14 aprile 2010

Rio + Design 2010

Shakti lamp by Fernanda Funes
Celso Santos and Levi Domingos luminary

Natural Midia_Tatil

The best of the design of the State of Rio de Janeiro just arrived at Milan for the second year consecutive, and is presenting to the world a selection of works, objects and design projects of some of the big names of brazil.
The goal of the "Rio + Design 2010" is to promote the work of the designers of Rio for industry and gather in only one space, reowned profesionals of Rio, represented by their products that combine technology and creativity.
In total, "Rio + Design 2010" gathers 30 expositors and more than 150 pieces, some of the internationally awarded.
I reccomend to you a visit to this exposition, based in the central Via dei Mercanti, near Duomo, to taste the energy of this nation, where, as you know, there are also two of the most important and very interesting south american fashion weeks. The Rio Fashion Week and the Sao Paulo Fashion Week, where you can find a perfect mix between creativity, extravagance and brazilian style.

Bye LB

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  1. Fernanda Funes16 aprile 2010 22:37

    A luminaria Shakti é da designer Fernanda Funes e nao de Celso e Levy

  2. Fernanda Funes16 aprile 2010 22:40

    A luminaria Shakti a primeira foto da designer Fernanda Funes

  3. I'm really sorry!
    I immediatly correct the post.
    You know that night there was so much people that maybe I reported uncorrectly the name of the designers.
    Thanks so much and sorry again for the error.

    Bye LB