giovedì 22 aprile 2010


During my last day of Milan Design Week I went to the VenturaLambrate distric.
Lambrate is a district of Milan that I love so much. There's a lot of important ( but not so famous ) contemporary art galleries, based between Via Ventura and Via Massimiano.
During the design week these galleries and also the Scuola Politecnica di Design opened their doors for presenting design pieces, in particular pieces of dutch design, in big and incredible spaces and stands. Some people I met says that only in VenturaLambrate they found pure and real creativity design pieces, that they haaven't found in ZonaTortona.
I knew the existance of this important art district an year ago. I hope that with this design week opportunity, the area can promote his image, even if I'm scaring of a probably extreme commercial development of the district. I hope this area could keep his surreal+industrial mood and his radical chic image.
Next days I'll post some design stands from this district about Milan Design Week.

Bye LB

2 commenti:

    The coat is beautiful and the hobo-neo-hippie-whatever style always have my approval!

  2. I've no doubt that you liked the "....wathever style"...and me too i like coat print and the total nerd-brit look of the girl.

    Bye LB