mercoledì 28 luglio 2010


(note: hypothetically the models in the pictures would be wearing the naketano brand)
creativity 3/5
consistency 3/5
presentation 4/5

Hi we are with another amazing work made by an american girl, Lindsay Mason,she come from California were she obtained a degree in Advertising at San Diego State University (Alma Mater)...last year, she frequented courses of Fashion Consumer Behavior and Fashion Marketing Communication in NABA fashion school (Milan) you think she has an head only for business? you're wrong...she's a perfect mix of creativity and careful guys!
In this picts she tell us how is her interpretation of the brand, and maybe his re-invetation...
NAKETANO- "is the name of an idea, a certain conception of what it is that defines truly genuine streetfashion design." And it's possible that the actualization of this idea revolves around a single piece of clothing- one's favorite piece of clothing- something you would rather die than give up. urban streetwear holds the power to define society. and every piece of fashion we have hanging in our closets defines who we are. so without genuine streetfashion design, we are nothing; we are dead. NAKETANO: FASHION TO DIE FOR.


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  1. fantastico. Adoro l'idea e adoro le foto! grazie per avermelo fatto scoprire!
    molto bello il tuo blog, ti seguo già da un pò! anch'io vorrei fare foto per strada alla gente, ma purtroppo in pochi mi dicono di si perchè "si vergognano"!