mercoledì 17 novembre 2010


It’s in the air: Winter is on its way.
Nothing worth mentioning, if it weren’t also time for the new Autumn/Winter Collection of Naketano.

The Streetwear lable from Essen has adapted itself to the grey season, and the result: cool winter colours like dark berry, dark green, black and grey. Feminine styles dominate the new autumn/winter collection. One has stayed true to the A- and O- silhouettes, especially with hooded pullovers and jackets. Nifty pull cords at the waist accentuate the feminine line, and different collar lengths underline the characteristic trendiness of the Naketano style, for which it is well known.

This Streetwear collection is bound to become a favorite garment in any wardrobe:
This year, for the first time, a heavy sweater fleece has been used in manufacturing the garments.
This winter fabric is particularly warm and ensures cosy comfort for the cold season, through it’s soft, woolen texture.

Apart from a series of well-loved Naketano must-haves, like short- and
longsleeves, sweatshirts and windbreakers, knitwear has become an established part of the product range in the course of the past year. Manufactured from 70% viscose (made from bamboo pulp) and 30% cotton, it falls naturally and is pleasant to the touch.
In all, there are ten knitting styles in the autumn/winter collection of 2010.
We again find playfully handstitched applications as well as the classical Naketano colour-blocking.

Naketano’s characteristic love of detail is the central focus of the new range.
Numerous weaved tags, rubber prints, grommets, silk neckbands and zip pendants characterise these soon to be favorite garments.

Thanks to an improved structure in production, pricing for Naketano products will become more “customer friendly.” Sales prices have been dropped between 15-20% in average. Hoodies are up for grabs for as little as 49.90 Euros, and winter coats for 89.90 Euros.

In spring of 2011 the first collection for men’s wear is to be finally launched.
At this stage so much can be said: Naketano Men´s Wear will in no way be second to the ladies’ range.

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